Are You A BCA Consultant, Strata Manager Or Building Owner With A Building Currently Under a Fire Order or Have a Current BCA Report In Place?

Fire Safety Constructions will inspect the property and provide a realistic budget for upgrade costs.

The more information you provide the more accurate the budget.

There’s Absolutely NO commitment to you and NO COST.

If we were tendering on a project (i.e. it is planned to move ahead to construction) we would do this as part of the tender process. If it is known the project is not ready to proceed to construction we would charge a fee based on 5 to 10 man hours.

Here’s What We’ll Do For You: 

  • Provide costs for each item required in the upgrade
  • Explain options where applicable
  • Explain which items  may be subject to further invertigation
  • Propose appropriate project delivery systems.
  • The budget would only be limited by the information you provide.
  • The budget could then form the basis of a fixed sum contract for us to carry out the works.

We are aware of the pitfalls involved in fire safety upgrade work including working in occupied buildings, heritage sensitive buildings, proper contractor licensing, Home Warranty Insurance, cost effective staging of works, site cleanliness, authority negotiations and appropriate certification on completion.

Typical facets of our projects are any or all of the following:

  • audits of service penetrations and fire stopping
  • smoke detection systems
  • hydrant and fire hose reel systems
  • sprinkler systems
  • fire and smoke doors
  • balustrade modifications or replacement
  • fire rating of penetrations
  • fire rated walls and ceilings
  • gas/electrical compliance
  • stair pressurisation
  • AFSS
  • general building upgrades (carpet, painting, finishes etc.)

Fire Safety Constructions is well respected in the fire safety industry and have completed over 100 projects up on a turnkey basis, direct with owners or with a consultancy team since 1999. We consider ourselves experts in compliance issues and our specialty is fire safety upgrades to existing residential buildings – with project size ranging from a single trade up to a $2m value. These works are usually generated by a Council Order or may be voluntary to improve life safety conditions in the building. Increasingly we are seeing upgrade contracts to remedy non-compliant or poorly constructed buildings.

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